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Hiring Process Flow Chart

 recruitment process

Click here to download Recruiting Process Flow Chart (PDF)

Requisition Stage

  • Requisition is created, routed through the employment system for review and approval, and posted on the web.

  1. Hiring Authorities need to be mindful of entering the correct position management number. This may need to be generated for a newly created position.

  1. Hiring Authority submits requisition to Department Head for review and approval.
  2. Department Head submits to Dean/VP for review and approval.
  3. Dean/VP submits to HR Pro.
  4. HR Pro reviews requisition to ensure that the qualifications and job duties are appropriate for the job code. HR Pro then enters the appropriate language pertaining to AFSCME and Teamster union represented positions, as well as standard language that is required for all postings. This language pertains to equal opportunity, disability resources, the UMD smoking ban, and includes a statement encouraging veterans to apply. HR Pro submits to HR Comp.
  5. HR Comp reviews and forwards to Employment Team (UMD HR)
  6. Employment Team will make corrections if necessary and approve and post the requisition to the Employment System.
  7. HR will send a UMD Biz announcement for all posted Civil Service bargaining and non-bargaining unit positions

Application Stage

  • Applicants are able to apply via the online employment system until 11:59 PM on the closing date.
  1. For AFSCME and Civil Service positions, HR screens applications to ensure that they meet the essential qualifications before forwarding to the Hiring Authority of each respective position. Teamster applications are forwarded to Hiring Authorities based on seniority

Review of Applications

  • Hiring committee will review applications and determine which applicants they would like to interview.

  1. As applicants are eliminated from considerations, the Hiring Authority must update the applicant statuses in the employment system to the appropriate status based on the predetermined and approved selection criteria.

  1. Justification for non-selection of internal candidates and candidates from underrepresented groups must be approved by email to Mary Cameron.

Interview Stage

  • Departments follow the instructions on the hiring checklist and update applicant statuses for those that have been invited to interview.

  1. Click Hiring checklists 

Hiring Certification Process

  • Successful Candidate has been identified.
  1. Complete the hiring certification form.
  2. Guidelines for verification of degrees 
  3. Verify all employment, dating back seven calendar years, that was listed on the application.
  4. For current UMD employees, some degrees and work information may have been verified previously. Upon request, HR may view the applicant’s personnel file to see what information on the current application has been verified.
  5. Once all work and education history is verified, document each item on the application that required verification on page two of the Hiring Certification. This includes items that have been previously verified, as indicated by HR, and education verifications.
  6. Once complete, the Hiring Authority signs the second lines under the corresponding sections on the first page of the Hiring Certification.
  7. The supervisor and Department Head of the position must sign at the bottom of the first page of the Hiring Certification.
  8. Hiring Certification is given to HR for approval, along with a copy of the candidate’s application.  

Completing Hiring Process

  • HR will ensure that all necessary items on the application have been verified and contact the Hiring Authority to approve their making of an offer contingent upon the passing of a background check. Employees who have had a background check within the past year are excluded.
  1. Background check documents
  2. The Hiring Certification will be kept in the applicant’s personnel file.
  3. If offer is accepted, the Hiring Authority changes all active applicant statuses in the Employment System.
  4. Hiring department will then notify HR to close out the requisition.
  5. Complete the documents listed in Step 5 of the Checklist to Complete Hiring Process and forward the necessary documents to HR. Click The Checklist 
  6. For hires that are receiving University of Minnesota benefits for the first time, hiring departments must submit a New Employee Orientation request, per Step 6 of the Checklist to Complete Hiring Process.