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National Student Employment Week

Due to lack of nominations by February 27, 2019 we have made a determination to cancel the National Student Employment Week Awards this year.

UMD HR recognizes there are great student workers on our campus and there is not enough participation to hold an awards social this year.

We also thank you for understanding as we make this difficult decision to cancel these awards.

We will do everything in our power to ensure the success of the 2020 program.

National Student Employment Week (NSEW) is celebrated across the nation during the month of April.

One week in the spring is dedicated to our UMD student employees, this year it is April 14th to 19th. Departments and offices are encouraged to recognize their student employees. We will celebrate UMD's Student Employee of the Year with an event held TBD. 

The deadline for nomination forms for Student Employees is Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

UMD Department of Human Resources encourages campus departments to take time during NSEW to celebrate the contribution that nearly 1,500 student employees make at UMD. Let your student employees know how much their hard work is appreciated.

UMD is a member of both MASEA (Minnesota Association of Student Employment Administrators) and NSEA (National Student Employment Association), non-profit associations involved with supporting and promoting student employment as an educational experience for students, as well as an alternative to financial aid and a way for students to prepare for a meaningful career.

NSEA encourages each member institution to offer a Student Employee of the Year competition to recognize the excellence of their student employees.

How the NSEA National Student Employee of the Year is Selected:

Each spring, NSEA coordinates a selection process and chooses the National Student Employee of the Year to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college.

Once the UMD Student Employee of the Year has been selected, the nomination is forwarded to MASEA, who selects the winner for the state of Minnesota and the winner for the Midwest region. Fourteen states make up the Midwest region: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

The nominations for each region are then forwarded to NSEA for the nationwide competition. NSEA is comprised of four regions: WASEA (13 western states), MASEA (14 midwestern states), SASEA (12 southern states), and NEASEA (11 northeastern states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico).


• Each campus winner will receive a certificate and congratulatory letter from MASEA
• The state winners will receive a certificate and check for $75.00
• The MASEA regional winner will receive a plaque and a check for $150.00
• The MASEA winner will be submitted for the NSEA Student Employee of the Year Program

UMD is proud that we have had two UMD student employees who have won the nationwide competition, namely: Erik Stromstad, Kirby Student Center (2003) and Justin Hallquist, Facilities Management (1999). They won against thousands of nominations from all member institutions throughout the United States.

National Student Employment Week

Guidelines in Nominating for the UMD 

"Student Employee of the Year" Competition

Who Can Nominate:

  • Co-worker, supervisor, department head, director, or dean

Student Employee Eligibility:

  • Must be employed by the University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Must be employed through College Work Study or Miscellaneous Student Employment
  • Must be either an undergraduate or graduate student; however, Resident Advisers and Graduate Assistants are not eligible
  • Must have been employed for a minimum of 3 months full-time or 6 months part-time during one fiscal year 
  • Must be performing student employee jobs

Selection Criterion (students will be evaluated on the following criterion):

  • Reliability
  • Quality of work initiative
  • Professionalism
  • Uniqueness of contribution (in case of a tie, the uniqueness of contribution is the deciding factor)

Step-by-Step Instruction for Nominating a Student Employee: Deadline for Nominees is Wednesday, February 27,  2019.

Step 1: Review the Guidelines for Nominating Your Student for the "Student Employee of the Year" Competition above to determine the eligibility of your student employee.

Step 2: Fill out the Nomination Form. Here are tips on how to successfully write a nominationPlease take note that the three winning nominations will be posted online.

Step 3: Submit the Nomination Form by the appointed due date in one of the following methods.

by mailing a paper copy to:

255 Darland Administration Building
Duluth, MN 55812

by email*: 

Danielle Holbeck at

*We encourage you to send the Nomination Form to our office electronically via email. You can type in your name on the signature section. The nominee's email account must be used to submit the nomination electronically which will serve as your signature.

Number of Awards:

  • UMD Student Employee of the Year
  • First Runner-Up
  • Second Runner-Up

If you have any questions, please call Danielle Holbeck at 218-726-8297 or email at .