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Registering with UReturn

Centralizing Disability-related and Medical Documents

If you are interested in pursuing an accommodation/adjustment, we'll ask you to complete some brief registration forms

All documents and information related to an employee's medical condition, disability, or illness are housed confidentially in the UReturn office. Any existing information related to an employee's disability, including medical reports, should be forwarded to Nancy and/or Sarah.

Any new information acquired about a dedical condition, disability, or prolonged illness must be requested by UReturn - Employee Services. If new information is inadvertently received by a department, it should be forwarded to UReturn - Employee Services.

Registering with UReturn

Registration Form

UReturn - Employee Services, contact:

Nancy Erickson
Access Consultant
Disability Resource Center 
University of Minnesota 
Suite 170 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street S.E.
Minneapolis MN 55455 
Toll free: 855-458-2629
Office: 612-624-3505 
Fax: 612-625-5572

Determining Accommodations/Adjustments

Reasonable accommodations for staff and faculty with disabilities or medical conditions are arranged on a flexible, case-by-case basis and as part of a cooperative effort between the employee, UReturn - Employee Services, and appropriate university personnel.

Example of an Accommodation/Adjustment

An administrative specialist who had lost thirty percent of his hearing was concerned that he would lose his position because it required scheduling appointments and meetings over the telephone.

Solution: The unit purchased a headset with an amplified receiver and volume control.

Example of an Accommodation/Adjustment

An employee with severe arthritis was having difficulty using the phone, typing, completing reports, and some filing.

Solution: The unit purchased a cordless headset for the telephone, installed arm rest extensions for the edge of the desk to reduce the strain on the wrists, and purchased an ergonomic chair.