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Housing & Dining Rates

Credits for 2 Week Delayed Move-In

Students will be issued credits to their student account by September 18th for housing & meal plans due to the two-week delayed move-in.  Students who were approved to move in during the two-week delay are not eligible to receive these credits.  Students should contact One Stop Student Services about receiving a refund if they have already paid their housing & meal plan bills in full.  The credit amounts are:
DOUBLE & 14 VPW$236.32$220.22$456.54
DOUBLE & UNLIMITED$236.32$245.98$482.30
SINGLE & 14 VPW$275.24$220.22$495.46
SINGLE & UNLIMITED275.24$245.98$521.22
APT & NO PLAN$332.36$332.36
APT & 5 VPW$332.36$87.92$420.28
APT & 10 VPW$332.36$163.94$496.30
APT & 14 VPW$332.36$220.22$552.58
APT & UNLIMITED$332.36$245.98$578.34

2020-2021 Rates

The following are the rates for the 2020 Fall Semester. 

Fall Semester Dining Meal Plans start Wednesday, August 26, and end on Wednesday, November 25.

Room TypeMeal PlanSemester Room AmountSemester Meal Plan + DD*** AmountSemester Total
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*Unlimited Visits Per Week$2,222$1,564 + $200$3,986
Single Room (Vermilion Hall Only)*14 Visits Per Week$2,222$1,400 + $200$3,822
Double RoomUnlimited Visits Per Week$1,907$1,564 + $200$3,671
Double Room14 Visits Per Week$1,907$1,400 + $200$3,507
Triple Room (used as Double Room for 2020-2021)Unlimited Visits Per Week$1,907$1,564 + $200$3,671
Triple Room (used as Double Room for 2020-2021)14 Visits Per Week$1,907$1,400 + $200$3,507
Apartment**Unlimited Visits Per Week$2,683$1,564 + $200$4,447
Apartment**14 Visits Per Week$2,683$1,400 + $200$4,283
Apartment**10 Visits Per Week$2,683$1,042 + $200$3,925
Apartment**5 Visits Per Week$2,683$559 + $200$3,442
Apartment**Dining Dollars Only$2,683$0 + $200$2,883

*A limited number of single rooms are available only in Vermilion Hall, an all-male facility.  

**Students assigned to live in the on-campus apartments are not required to select a meal plan but do receive $200 per semester in dining dollars.  The 10- & 5-Visits Per Week plans are only available to apartment residents.

***Dining Dollars are non-refundable or prorated based upon usage.  Unused Dining Dollars do carry over from Fall to Spring.  Unused Dining Dollars are lost at the end of Spring Semester.

Housing and meal plan rates and structure are subject to change.