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photograph of Bagley Nature Area campground

Camping right on the UMD campus!

Welcome to the walk-in campground in Bagley Nature Area, right on the UMD Campus. This tents-only campground offers 6 rustic campsites, surrounded by forests. Enjoy hiking on the wood-chipped trails, explore the forests, and discover tent-camping. Close to the Superior Hiking Trail.  


Tent Set Up

Open, Grassy Area for Tents


  • One fire-ring available for camper use.  

  • Firewood can be purchased from the "Campground Ranger".

  • Outhouse

  • Running water

Located at 1737 Bayview Avenue in Duluth 

For reservations call 218-726-6134

  • Campsites 1-4 are reservable

  • Campsites 5-6 are walk-in only and not reservable

  • Up to 2 tents and 6 people per site.

  • $25/night (Sales, Lodging, & Tourism Tax Included!)

Campground is right in Bagley Nature Area

  • Click HERE for information about Bagley Nature Area

Bagley Campground Gear Package:

In association with our Rental Center, packages are available for all of the camping gear you need, including the campsite fee!. Tents, stoves, sleeping bags, cook kits and more.

$55 for one night (tax included)
$95 for 2 nights (tax included)

The complete package includes

Family Camping

Camping is Fun!

  • One 4-Person Tent or two 2-Person Tents
  • Cooking, Eating, and Cleaning Kits
  • 4 Sleeping bags
  • 1 Rain Tarp
  • Two-Burner Stove
  • Campsite fee

Perfect for a weekend family outing!