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Brand Positioning

There are stages for an individual to build brand loyalty with an organization. At UMD, our stakeholders are #umdproud and we are proud of that. Our brand is built on a series of attributes all leading up to a persona.

Features - Right size/Right location. Features are the most basic rational component of a brand. At UMD, one of our greatest features is being just the right size and in exactly the right location.

Benefits - Access. The benefit to being the right size and location is access. At UMD, our students have access to faculty, research opportunities, community, recreation, and more.

Value - Connection. From that access, UMD offers a genuine connection embedded in values of self-determination, grit, exploration, and belonging.

Persona - Grounded. If UMD was a person, they would be described as grounded. We are grounded, authentic, curious, and problem-solvers who are constantly inspired, eager, and proud.