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Sharing Your News

February 13, 2019

Learn how you can share your news and work with University Marketing and Public Relations (UMPR).

How to Share your News:

Promote your news on your website

All UMD colleges and schools and many programs have News and Events sections on their homepages. Contact your unit website administrator to add a news story to your website. All news articles submitted through Drupal roll-up to UMPR and UMPR can then feature that article on the UMD news page.

Send your news to Biz Announce

Send an email about your news items (publicizing awards, achievements, grants received, etc.) via To subscribe, see "E-mail lists." The guide has important information for users, including avoiding multiple emails and information on permitted messages.  

Post your event

Post your UMD event on the Events Calendar. If you need help with the Events Calendar, contact Cheryl Reitan at 726-8996.
You can also post your event on free local online calendars

Promote your event on social media

Promote your news through social media. All UMD colleges, schools, and many departments and programs have Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.  Here’s a list of who’s using which social media platforms at UMD.

For Twitter, tag UMD colleges and schools as well as departments, programs, and student orgs, when appropriate, to increase retweets.

Reach out to the Media

If your information is visual or would be of interest to the public, consider sending a media pitch, news release, media advisory, and recaps, All are ways to get attention from the media. Contact UMPR though the project request form before you do your outreach or for help with a strategy about ways to get external attention. By contacting UMPR, you help us track stories about UMD. 

Send a News Release or Media Advisory

For many news items, the department or program can send out their own news release. If UMPR did not send out your news release, you must send a copy to UMPR at

Use our project request form for help identifying media outlets or to see sample news releases.

Major news outlets in the Duluth area include Duluth News Tribune, TV - CBS Northland News Center, TV - Fox News, and TV- WDIO ABC.

Create a MyU Portal Story

Send news and events to the MyU Portal in order to reach the entire campus or select groups: Duluth undergraduates, Duluth grad students, and/or Duluth faculty/staff.  The stories should have wide appeal: either news relevant to a large audience or an event that is open to everyone. To submit an item to the MyU Portal, fill out the Google Form. For help filling out the Google form, see MyU Portal Instructions or contact Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann.

Include your news in internal media

For information about getting a UMD item in the U of M Brief, contact Kathleen McQuillan-Hofmann at 726-7111.

The UMD Bark, the student newspaper, does a great job with publicity. Contact:, 726-7112 or see

KUMD-FM 103.3,  UMD community radio station, carries UMD news and offers paid announcements. Contact (news), 726-7181, or see

To reach students in the Student Life Newsletter, send your event info to the Bulldog Update.

Report on awards, achievements, and other stories 

Each office or department can submit news like this to their website. If needed, UMPR can help departments and programs write stories about awards, achievements, and other items, and strategize ways to get external attention. Please use our project request form.  

Include your news item in newsletters

Consider adding your news to your unit’s upcoming newsletter, if applicable. 

UMPR Assistance

UMPR is always on the lookout for stories of interest to the public, or feature stories for our website and publications. The media is always in search of stories that are impactful, interesting, visual, and even unusual. We can help you determine if your story is newsworthy and if there is a particular angle that might pique the media’s interest.

UMPR promotes stories based on the newsworthiness, timeliness, and the mission priorities of UMD. We are especially interested in stories that highlight the student experience, emphasize research and learning, create an emotional reaction, and tell people what makes UMD unique and vibrant. To submit a news tip or story idea, please tell us about your project

Keep Us Informed:

Please contact us immediately if a situation or event arises that may attract media attention or if a reporter is on campus to cover a situation or event. We will work with the media to assist them.


Media Pitch:

Informal contact with the media (call, email, or an in-person chat.)
The scenario: You have a great story to share without the formality of a news release. For example, you know a science reporter who would be very interested in a professor’s research so you give the reporter a call to gauge interest.
This is also great if you have a photo-heavy “moment” or immediate news.

News Release:

A formal document that details a story or something that you’d like covered. If it’s an event, you are inviting the media to cover it live. If it’s an announcement, you’re inviting the media to make contact and learn more.

Media Advisory:

Similar to a news release, but shorter and more of a quick advisory or reminder of an upcoming event.  You are inviting the media to cover the event.

News Release - after event recap:

Send a recap after an event, usually with a photo, to tell the media what happened.
The scenario: A donor is making a large donation but doesn’t want the media at the dedication. You send a picture and description when the dedication is over.

Boilerplate for News Release - adopted in 2018:

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