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Supplemental Instruction

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Learning Together

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides weekly group study sessions for targeted, high-intensity courses. Sessions are facilitated by trained student leaders who attend the class and work closely with course instructors.

SI provides:

    • Structured, group study with peers
    • Study sessions led by fellow students who have previously completed the course successfully
    • An opportunity for additional exposure to challenging concepts
    • Free and open support for all students in SI supported courses
    • Another alternative to studying alone; SI is voluntary and open to all students enrolled in the course

Current SI Schedule and Course Information

Student FAQs

    • Why should I attend SI?
      Students who attend SI develop a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways of studying. There is a positive correlation between the number of SI sessions students attend and improvement in their grades.
    • When do SI review sessions start?
      SI traditionally begins the second week of the semester. Your SI leader and/or course faculty will provide specific session meetings days, times, and locations.
    • What if I missed the first few sessions? Can I still come?
      Yes. SI is loosely structured, with no attendance policy. You are welcome to attend whatever sessions you choose.
    • Who leads Supplemental Instruction sessions?
      SI leaders are traditionally upper-division students who are accomplished in the subject/course with which they work.

Faculty FAQs

    • Why was my subject selected for SI?
      SI supports faculty who teach courses students historically find difficult
    • What will I be required to do?
      SI is intended to support faculty, not to create additional work for them. You can support SI by granting time for occasional in-class announcements and by encouraging all students to take advantage of SI sessions.
      We ask that faculty assist us in SI program evaluation, by providing an official copy of your class roster as well as grades at the conclusion of the subject. Students' rights to privacy regarding this information will be fully protected (feel free to contact us for more information on this matter).
    • Can I choose my SI leader?
      Absolutely. SSP encourages faculty input in selecting and approving candidates for SI leaders in your subject.
    • My course/department doesn't currently offer SI. Can we offer it in the future?
      Yes. SSP faculty will be happy to discuss the possibility of offering SI, for your course(s). For more information, contact Patrick Eidsmo.

Students Interested in Becoming an SI Leader FAQs

    • What are an SI leader's responsibilities?
      SI leaders attend all class sessions, take notes, read all assigned material, and conduct multiple SI review sessions each week. Our leaders meet with SSP faculty weekly for training in planning and coordinating their sessions. SI leaders are not expected to "teach" the material covered in class but, rather, to clarify hazy concepts and facilitate group study of the material.
    • Will I receive credit for the experience?
      Yes. SI leaders will enroll in SSP 3010 and receive 2, A-F credits for each semester they work with SSP.
    • Who do I talk to for more information?
      Being a Supplemental Instruction Leader is a highly selective process. Interested students should contact Patrick Eidsmo.

Special thanks to the University of Missouri-Kansas City International Center for Supplemental Instruction for sharing content used within this page.