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For Faculty and Staff

"I teach seminar because I really love students!" Stacy Crawford, UMD Seminar Instructor

Teaching UMD Seminar

Any UMD staff or faculty member who holds a master's degree and wants to help new students make a successful transition to academic and student life on our campus is encouraged to teach the UMD Seminar course (UST 1000). Courses are either one or two credits and are scheduled around the instructor's other work and teaching responsibilities. The courses are often considered an overload to an employee's contract and, if so, are compensated accordingly. 

Resources for Teaching First-year Students

All those selected to teach the UMD Seminar course attend orientation sessions late in spring semester that provide an overview of the goals of the course as well as the principles on which it is built. Sessions on active learning, inclusive pedagogy, and community building are just some of the topics typically covered during training.

High-quality teaching and content consistency among the various sections of UST 1000 are top priorities of the program, so instructors are provided access to a Canvas site that includes an outlined syllabus, materials for teaching, and other resources to make the course successful. Instructors use this site to create and design their own courses, based on the four pillars of UMD Seminar: 1) introduction to liberal education, 2) communicating across differnece, 3) self-reflection as a life skill, and 4) support services and opportunities at UMD.  

Application Process

If you are interested in teaching the UMD Seminar course, please contact Sam Shanks ( for information about the application process.