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For Future Seminar Mentors

I wanted to be a Seminar TA to encourage students to embrace themselves by staying true to their personality, seeking out their interests, and developing their strengths. –Kate Murner, UMD Seminar TA

How do I become a UMD Seminar TA?

Students who have successfully completed the UMD Seminar course are eligible to become a Seminar TA. Interested students register for a semester-long 1-credit training course (SSP 3005) during spring semester. Upon successful completion of the course and after going through the selection process, those chosen to be UMD Seminar TAs are assigned a section of the UMD Seminar course for the following fall semester. Seminar TAs work closely with the instructor of the class and register for SSP 3006 during the semester in which they work with Seminar students. If you are interested in being a UMD Seminar TA, contact the Academic Writing and Learning Center at 218-726-8944 (