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2019-20 Alumni Volunteers

View the list of all our amazing volunteers from 2019-20!

Our mission is to create new experiences, connect alumni, and provide resources for all 75,000 alumni. We're proud of the work that was put in by faculty and staff, alumni, and current students in 2019-20. The success of our volunteers, events, and programming was impressive.

First NameLast NameRoleGrad Year
Kay(Hauck) AllenBulldogs on the Block Host1973
JonAckmanMentor Program1999
James (Jim)AndersonMentor Program
CassAnnoniBulldogs on the Block Host2014
KayleeArgoSpecial Olympics Volunteer2020
MarkArmstrongBulldogs on the Block Host1995
SteveAroMentor Program2016
JoeArtimFinancial Markets Reunion
CharleenBalcer RowekampMentor Program2006
KatieBenzigerMentor Program
MikeBergerMentor Program2004
ChristineBlanchetteMentor Program1984
KarisBoernerMentor Program
KevinBorenBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
CarlaBoydSpecial Olympics Volunteer1992
EmilyBucklandMentor Program2008
OliviaBuncherMentor Program2007
AaronBursteinMentor Program2009
SharonCaptainFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer
JeanCaptainFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer
AllegraCeglarBulldogs of the Last Decade Committee Member2018
JaniceClarkeBulldogs of the Last Decade Committee Member2019
VinceDarlingBulldogs of the Last Decade Committee Member2019
OliviaDawson-OlsonMentor Program2015
LouisDeRienzoBulldogs on the Block Host1993
AbhiDevireddyMentor Program2011
PhillipDoucetteSpecial Olympics Volunteer2012
DenaEhrichMentor Program1994
BrentEkstromMentor Program2008
JodyElwellMentor Program
JessicaEnfieldBulldogs on the Block Host2007
CassieErdmannSpecial Olympics Volunteer2011
EricErdmannSpecial Olympics Volunteer2008
SarahEricksonBulldog Behind the Scenes Host2006
VickiEverettFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer
JackEzellSpecial Olympics Volunteer1974
BrockFlowersBulldogs on the Block Host2014
BrockFlowersMadison Pre-game Party2014
JessicaFortneyMentor Program2013
JamieGalbreathMentor Program2006
StanGershgolBulldogs on the Block Host
RaymondGibson Jr.FIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1973
AmandaGoodmanMentor Program2016
CharlieGordonBulldogs of the Last Decade Committee Member2016
JimGouldFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1969
JodiGrebinoskiSpecial Olympics Volunteer2012
KimHabigFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer2017
DougHaggeBulldogs on the Block Host1982
ClaytonHandtMentor Program1991, 1993
BrianHansonFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1990
LeahHapnerBulldogs on the Block Host2008
LeahHapnerDenver Pre-game Party2008
ShannonHarmarkBulldogs on the Block Host2006
DanHartmanBulldog Behind the Scenes Host2005, 2012
DavidHauserBulldogs on the Block Host1992
JessicaHehirMentor Program1999
AvaHeinrichBulldogs on the Block Host2015
RuthHeitkeMentor Program2007
JaclynHertelSpecial Olympics Volunteer2013
MeghanHurleyMentor Program2017
KristenHylenskiGerman Studies Reunion
DaneIngebrigtsonMentor Program
StaceyJamsaSpecial Olympics Volunteer2021
MatthewJansenMentor Program2013, 2017
KristieJohnsonMentor Program2015
HannahKarskyMentor Program2013
JeramyKatchubaBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
AaronKellyBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
KrisaKeuteMentor Program
LexiKingDenver Pre-game Party2016
JakeKonerzaMentor Program2004
CandaceLaCosseMentor Program2008
RachelLadzinskiMentor Program2018
MalorieLarsenBulldogs on the Block Host2011
JocelynLensingBulldogs on the Block Host2019
JimLesteMentor Program1997, 1998
JenniferLindellMentor Program2014
BradyLindemannMentor Program2010
MarieLjosenvoorMentor Program
MatthewLulayBulldogs on the Block Host2010
JirehMabambaBulldogs of the Last Decade Committee Member2017
CatherineMessmanBulldogs on the Block Host2015
RebeccaMillerMentor Program
Alexis (Lex)MonsonBulldogs on the Block Host2006
JohnMulderBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
ChrisMurrayBulldogs on the Block Host2003
JoanNelsonSpecial Olympics Volunteer1966
KarenNelsonMentor Program2002
JeffreyNelsonMentor Program
TimothyNiesMentor Program2007
BryceNixonBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
RandyNortonBulldogs on the Block Host1983
SarahNovackMentor Program2013
SteveNysMentor Program
TomO’RourkeBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
EricOlmscheidBulldogs on the Block Host2004
NatePalmoleaMentor Program
NataliePerronMentor Program2015
KenPetersonFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer2001
KimPittmanMentor Program
MitchellPlonskiMentor Program2009
SteveRockwoodMentor Program2014
SamanthaRosethMentor Program2012
SusanSaulsMentor Program1996
ShawnSavelaFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1990
KristiSchmidtMentor Program
KatieSholtyBulldogs on the Block Host2019
Lou AnneSiefertFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1960
ElliotSkurichMentor Program1985
TinaSorokieFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1995
JustinSpanierMentor Program2003, 2006
KinnanStauberFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1997
AllisonSymondsBulldogs on the Block Host2002
DarinThureenMentor Program1999
CoriTreatMentor Program2017, 2018
KellyUngerBulldogs on the Block Host1994
JulieVisgerMentor Program2014, 2017
AlexisWalkerFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer2011
JayWalkerBulldog Behind the Scenes Host
NickWatkinsColorado Springs Pre-game Party2010
CandaceWegersonFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer1975
BriannaWeinzierlMentor Program2007
PattyWendingerSpecial Olympics Volunteer1996, 2007
NancyWerningBulldogs on the Block Host1983
CarrieWhiteMentor Program1997
KevinWuFIRST Robotics Tournament Volunteer2006
CassieZeugSpecial Olympics Volunteer2016
Peter & HeatherZobenicaColorado Springs Alumni Social1967