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Bohannon Hall

Originally built in 1961, Bohannon Hall has been extensively updated, most recently in 2002. New heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will increase comfort along with increasing energy efficiency. The heating system was changed from a steam system to a hot water/glycol system, which provides a more consistent and efficient system. This prevents overheated or underheated areas.

bohannon hall

In 2002 a 4th floor addition was added to allow for installation of more sophisticated mechanical systems, including new variable drive frequency fans and upgraded air handlers.

The hallways and concourses of Bohannon hall were also upgraded during the 2002 renovation. Old asbestos tile was removed and abated and new long-lasting floor materials were installed.

Since open windows can cause air conditioned buildings to operate unevenly and interrupt air flow, the operable windows of Bohannon Hall were sealed shut when the new HVAC system was installed. This allows for more consistent space temperatures and prevents energy from being wasted when windows are opened while the heat/air conditioning is running