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Reporting Incidents

The University of Minnesota Duluth takes reports of discrimination, harassment, nepotism, sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence) and related retaliation seriously.  The UMD Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution receives reports of discrimination of a non-sexual nature involving student respondents and reports may be made in person (245 Kirby Plaza), on the phone at 218-726-8969 or online.  For discrimination, harassment, nepotism, or related retaliation by an employee, volunteer, vendor, or visitor and any reports of sexual misconduct involving both employee and student respondents -- contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action at or online through UReport, which includes an option for anonymous reporting.

UMD has a Campus Climate Response Team (CCRT) that addresses issues that require a response in addition to the established procedures above. The CCRT also monitors issues and trends in order to address and improve the campus climate. The CCRT website includes a link to resources available to you if you experience a campus climate incident.

What can you do to promote a welcoming campus climate?

How to File a Report

  • If your report is about non-sexual conduct of a University of Minnesota Duluth Student, click here.
  • If your report is about sexual misconduct involving any university community member, or any other misconduct by a University of Minnesota Duluth Employee, click here.
  • If you witnessed an incident and want to report it, but you're not sure who was involved, click here.
  • If you are not ready to report but want to talk with someone.

Anonymous reporting of violations of university policy and other laws.