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Intercultural Pedagogy Community of Practice

group of UMD staff and faculty in a meeting

Intercultural Pedagogy Community of Practice

Intercultural Pedagogy Community of Practice (ICPCP)

Facilitated by: Dr. Paula J Pedersen and Dr. Helen Mongan-Rallis

For those of you who wonder: “What does a culturally inclusive classroom look like? What does my teaching have to do with this?”If you are interested in joining a community of practice to explore these questions over the course of a semester, this community of practice is for you!

ALL disciplines are welcome!! Click the link To Register for the next ICPCP cohort!

We begin each semester the week before classes with a half day, including lunch, of creating our community and shared expectations.  We then meet for 2 hours bi-monthly for ongoing sharing, tips, and support. Participants are asked to be available for all sessions. Each participant will be asked to either have a current course they are working with throughout the semester OR a course they are planning for a future term.

Faculty Presentations based on this model:

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Han, I., Onchwari, J., Hazareesingh, N., Mongan-Rallis, H., & Pedersen, P. (2017, November). Intercultural Pedagogy Community of Practice. Poster presented at the 2017 Gallery of Excellence, in conjunction with the Equity and Diversity Breakfast at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Hazareesingh, N., Han, I., Onchwari, J., Pedersen, P., & Mongan-Rallis, H. (2019, April). Supporting and retaining faculty of color through intercultural community of practice. Paper presented at the Keeping Our Faculty Symposium 2019, Minneapolis, MN.

Han, I., Onchwari, J., Hazareesingh, N., Mongan-Rallis, H., & Pedersen, P. (2019, May). Intercultural & Inclusive Pedagogy Community of Practice. Poster presented at the 2019 Korean Association for Multicultural Education (KAME) International Conference, Seoul, Korea. 

Han, I., Pedersen, P., Mongan-Rallis, H., Onchwari, J., & & Hazareesingh, N., (2020, February). Creating Inclusive Classrooms through an Intercultural Pedagogy Community of Practice. Paper accepted to present at the Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus Conference 2020, Minneapolis, MN.