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What is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling

Professionally trained counselors are available to assist currently enrolled students and UMD alumni in all aspects of the career/life planning process, from choosing a major to carrying out a job search or applying to graduate or professional school. Counselors can assist you in gathering information about yourself and occupations. They can then help you relate the information to career choice.

Confidential help is available to:

  1. choose courses, majors, and careers
  2. identify occupations
  3. identify internship possibilities
  4. learn job search skills
  5. locate employment opportunities
  6. decide on a graduate or professional school program
  7. apply to graduate or professional school

To make an appointment, call 218-726-7985 or visit 22 Solon Campus Center.

Disability Accommodations

To request disability accommodations for events sponsored by Career and Internship Services, please contact us, two weeks in advance of the event. Interpreters are also available.