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At UMD, internships are “decentralized,” meaning there is not one central department responsible for overseeing all internship processes at UMD. Career & Internship Services (C&IS) will assist you in connecting with academic departments and students to fill your internship needs. For more information on what internships are, how to set them up, how C&IS can help you with internships, and more, see our Internship Guide for Employers.

Internships are:

  • Short-term, supervised, pre-professional work experiences. 
  • Opportunities that provide students field-specific training and experience.
  • Learning experiences that add value to organizations through meaningful student work.

Internships may:

  • Be paid or unpaid.
  • Be for academic credit or not.
  • Be formal or informal.
  • Vary in hours and length.
  • Take place any time during formal education or after completion of a degree.

Ways C&IS can help: