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Checklist for Job & Internship Search Success

This checklist is designed to help you see if you are “on-target” in your internship or job search and give you ideas about things to do. For each statement, check the box if it is true. Incorporate the items you didn’t check into your internship or job search.

Tip: Print this page to make it easier to check off the items.

A. What You Know About Yourself

  • I can clearly state my career goals.
  • I can explain why I chose my major.
  • I can describe my three greatest strengths and give examples to support each.
  • I can describe my weaknesses or challenges and explain how I have, or am actively working to, overcome them.
  • I can name my favorite work and non-work activities and why I enjoy them.
  • I can list at least five of my job-related skills and abilities with examples to support each.
  • For each of my most important job-related experiences, I can list five things I did, five things I learned and the contributions and accomplishments I made.
  • I considered my geographic preferences.

B. What You Know About Employers

  • I researched at least three fields of employment.
  • I can name at least ten employers that might hire a person with my experience and background.
  • I can name at least five position titles for which I might apply.
  • I know four or five resources to help me find the answers to the questions above.
  • I can name at least four sources of information about potential employers in a particular geographic area.
  • I developed a list of contacts for networking.
  • In the past month, I talked to at least three people who are employed in fields of my interest with the purpose of learning more about what they do.

C. Considerations For Your Job

  • I identified my immediate job needs.
  • I considered whether I am willing to relocate and if so, to which region(s).
  • I considered whether I am willing to travel as part of my position and, if so, how often and how far.
  • I evaluated how flexible I am concerning my work schedule, how many hours I may have to work and whether it may vary within a year or change over time.
  • I calculated how much I need to earn, taking into account expenses such as rent, utilities, furniture, transportation, food, phone, clothing, entertainment, insurance, and college loans.
  • I considered various types of benefits such as medical, dental, retirement, profit sharing, and vacation and determined what I need and what is important to me.

D. Your Job-Seeking Contacts With Employers

  • I established a GoldPASS powered by Handshake account.
  • I prepared a resume which has been reviewed by Career and Internship Services staff.
  • I established and updated a LinkedIn account.
  • I developed an "elevator speech."
  • I use a variety of resources for locating internship or job leads.
  • I reviewed the Internship and Job Fair Success.
  • I asked people including those within hiring organizations for feedback on my resume.
  • When I apply to an employer, I try to address my letter to a specific person.
  • I am familiar with the organizational structure, services, programs, and products of the employers to which I am applying.
  • I know the questions employers are likely to ask in interviews.
  • I outlined answers to common interview questions.
  • I can clearly state why I am interested in working for each employer to which I am applying.
  • I practiced interviewing using at least one of the following:
    • a mirror, or a friend or other person
    • Career and Internship Services staff
    • InterviewStream offered through Career and Internship Services
    • on-campus Practice Interview Days
  • I applied with at least five employers in the past two weeks.

Now What?

Add up your check marks for each section and enter the number below:





TOTAL ________

Total Score

28-37: On the right track. Keep up the good work!

15-27: You are doing pretty well. You may want to discuss your search with a Career and Internship Services counselor.

14 or below: Definitely discuss your search with a Career and Internship Services counselor!