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Internship & Job Search Strategies

There are many ways to look for an internship or job. The most successful candidates use multiple strategies. Below are some of the most popular.




Approximately 80% of openings are never advertised; therefore, networking is an important strategy for learning about possibilities.

  • Announce your job or internship search to everyone you know to develop and broaden a list of contacts and leads.
  • Connect with people and build relationships. You are networking all the time. Ask questions, learn about other people and let them know about you.

Internship and Job Fairs

Attend internship and job fairs to connect with employers.

  • Research employers attending in advance to create a plan of action.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Bring copies of your resume and/or business cards.
  • Follow-up on leads and networking opportunities.

On-Campus Interviewing

This is one of the primary ways some organizations recruit for technical and business positions. Not all organizations conduct on-campus interviews.

  • Find listings and sign-up for interviews using GoldPASS powered by Handshake.

GoldPASS powered by Handshake

The University of Minnesota’s online job and internship listing site is free and open to students and alumni from all campuses.

  • Search for jobs and internships and receive notification about openings and events.
  • Post a resume so employers can find you.

Social Media

Incorporate LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites into your search.

  • Create, maintain and update profiles with a consistent professional image and message on all platforms.
  • Research organizations and company culture.

Organization Websites

Search organization websites directly for openings.

  • Apply and submit resumes using the organizations’ online systems

Online Job Posting Sites

Search multiple online job boards for openings.

  • Tailor resumes and cover letters to specific job and internship postings.

Targeted Mailing

Develop strong cover letters tailored to specific types of jobs and the needs of the organizations.

  • Try to find out who is in charge of the area in which you want to work and send your materials to that person.

In-Person Visit

When possible, visit targeted organizations and meet with professionals in specific departments.

  • Develop a list of specific questions to ask.
  • Submit resume, letter and application, if possible.

Classified Ads

Check resources such as newspapers and Craigslist, specific to the geographic region(s) where
you are seeking employment.

  • Submit your applications as early as possible for advertised positions.

Staffing/Temp/Employment Agencies

These agencies offer three types of employment in a variety of fields: contract, contract to hire and direct hire. The lengths of assignments vary.

  • Typically services are free to job seekers; fees are paid by the employers.
  • Identify agencies that specialize in the area or field of employment in which you are interested.