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Social Media & Digital Identity

One of the best ways to find a job is through networking. There are many ways to use social media and a variety of platforms to expand your network to find an internship or job. Online networking will never completely replace the power of in-person networking. For a better success rate, use a combination of online and in-person techniques. To get the most out of a given platform, be active and engaged. Employers are using social media as a way to find job applicants. To be relevant in a changing workforce, knowing various uses and brands of technology and social media is essential

Digital Identity

Your digital identity is a culmination of what you post and share on the internet and also what other people post about you (Source). Be positive in the content you post. Your profile(s) will most likely show up in an internet search and can positively or negatively impact an employer's impression of you.

  • Keep your voice and how you present yourself consistent across all platforms. If an employer conducts an internet search for you, the same type of message should show up on all platforms. 
  • Once something is out on the web, it is out there. It's like writing in permanent marker with no way to erase. Think before you post and be aware of what others are posting about you.

Benefits of Using Social Media

  • Create one-on-one connections with people locally and globally
  • Exchange ideas and information, and share your own thoughts with others beyond your immediate circle of contacts
  • Connect and engage with professionals in your field(s) of interest and have mutually beneficial networking relationships
  • Have access to information about organizations, their representatives, and position openings that may not be available elsewhere
  • Learn about current trends in your industry that could influence your job or internship search
  • Allow others to find you by showing up in internet searches
  • Increase your online visibility demonstrating you know how to use the current technology

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How to Use Social Media for Your Career Search

  • Find internship and job postings.
  • Follow organizations of interest to see potential opportunities, how they interact with their customers, and clues about their organizational culture.
  • Research organizations. Information may include how to contact them, recent hires and current employees, recent developments in the news, and your connections (if any) to them.
  • Connect with employers you met through job fairs and/or other events.
  • Follow industry hashtags and resources to learn about current trends that could influence your internship or job search.

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