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Funding to support COIL projects

Collaborative International Learning projects are often supported by smaller local grants.  And in many cases faculty pursue these projects without additional funding from either host institution.  There are, however, a wide variety of opportunities to secure funding that can deepen the impact of COIL modules and courses.  Below several of these funding sources are listed, both within the University of Minnesota System, and externally.  Many of these funding sources were found at the UMN Funding Search Engine, listed to the left under "related links."


Internal (UMD)

Request Funds to support COIL Projects (max. $400)


Internal (U of M)

System-wide COIL Cohort 2020:

In 2019-2020, the University of Minnesota system-wide Collaborative International Online Learning (COIL) group provided personal development funds for faculty across the UM system. For more information on upcoming COIL development work, contact Dan Nolan (dnolan (at)

International Travel Grants

International Enhancement Grants

GPSA Grants Program

Instructional Development Small Grant Program

The Imagine Fund


Carol Pazandak Iceland-Minnesota Travel Fund

Alexander Dubcek Fund


External (in no order)

University Partnerships Program

Stevens Initiative

International Research and Exchange Board

Sasakawa Peace Foundation

IIE Capacity Building Grant

Innovations in Curriculum Competition (Engineering)

Engineers Without Borders

Partners of the Americas

Transnational Education Program of the German Academic Exchange Service (in German)

Fulbright Hays Program

Fulbright-Hays - Group Projects Abroad Program

Fulbright Scholar Program

Media Projects Development Grants (NEH)

Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)

The Billington Fellowship

Salina Starovoitova Fellowship on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution

Mama Cash

Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities (NEH)

Alliances Françaises USA

Terra Foundation Grants

EURIAS Fellowship Program

Islamic Scholarship Fund Film Grant

Global Grants (Through Rotary)

Global Innovation Initiative

Mellon Grants in the Humanities

Mellon International Education Strategic Projects Grant

American Academy of Religion

The American Academy in Berlin

Addison Family Foundation Grants

Havana Grant Opportunity (Large)

International Research Experiences for Students

International Travel Grant for Physiology

DAAD Visiting Professorships (North American Guest Lecturers Hosted at German Universities)

International Climate Initiative

The US-Middle East Partnerships Initiative

Henry Luce Foundation

The Teagle Foundation

MacArthur Foundation

Indo-U.S. 21st Century Knowledge Initiative - U.S.-India Institutional Partnership Grants

French-US Exchange in Dance


Research-related funding sources that support international work:

American Political Science Association Small Research Grant Program

Women in German Faculty Research Award

ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowships