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Meal Plans

Meal Plans 

The following are Dining Services policies for Meal Plans during the school year.  Dining Services offers meal plans to accommodate the diverse needs of the campus community. While each meal has its own characteristics, there are similarities among all plans:

  • All meal plans are accessed using your UCard
  • All meal plans reset weekly
  • All unused meals are forfeited at the end of each week. Meals do not carry over week to week.
  • A week, for all meal plans, is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • All meal plans are valid for one semester only. Plans do not transfer from fall to spring semesters.
  • Dining Dollars associated with a meal plan expire at the end of the academic school year and do not extend into the summer.

Interested in purchasing a meal plan? Check out the options for: 

Canceling or Changing Current Meal Plan

  • If you live on-campus please contact UMD Housing

Lake Superior Hall Business Office located in Lake Superior Hall
(218) 726-8178

  • If you live off-campus please contact the U Card/Dining Dollars Office

U Card Office located at 127 Kirby Plaza
(218) 726-8814