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Chef Channie Takes Home Silver

Chef Channie with her medal and a photo of her winning dish
March 30, 2018

Chef Channie Homich took home the silver medal at the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) Regional Culinary Challenge in Salt Lake City last month.  She competed in a field of 14 contestants, representing six colleges and universities. In addition to receiving the silver medal, Channie also had the distinction of being the only women competing in the challenge.  This was Chef Channie’s second Culinary Challenge, with her first back in 2016 where she was the only woman in the competition.

The Culinary Challenge requires the chefs to create a unique and appetizing entree using a mandatory ingredient. This year the highlighted ingredient was squid.  Chef Channie trained for months to perfect her winning dish, Oyster Stuffed Squid Udon with Littleneck Clams. In addition to creating a dish with the above ingredients, participants were also judged on organization, cleanliness, creativity, skill, presentation, and of course taste.

Channie’s favorite part of the Culinary Challenge is the atmosphere when competing. “With the pressure to do well, so many things going on around you, you’re just able to stay focused on what you’re doing and your space.”

Dining Services is incredibly proud of Chef Channie and her accomplishments at the NACUFS Culinary Challenge.  Please join us in congratulating her and her incredible win!