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Non-Employee Injury or Property Damage

Report a non-employee (student, visitor, etc.) or non-work-related injury or report a Property Damage Incident.

Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Notify your instructor, TA, or a university employee immediately.


2. Contact Workers Compensation and Ensure the injured party receives proper medical or first aid treatment. Workers Comp will notify the Risk Management Department 

Workers Comp - Danielle Holbeck 218-726-7161

 Contact Workers Compensation for additional information.
3. Call EHSO as soon as possible and verbally report injuries involving medical attention so an investigation can be conducted. Andy = 218-726-6730, Jean = 218-726-7273, Laura = 218-726-6971  
4. Complete a Bodily Injury / Property Damage Incident Report and forward to Workers Compensation. Workers Comp - Danielle Holbeck 218-726-7161 

Bodily Injury / Property Damage Incident Form