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Biohazards Training

Training for staff working with or around biohazards

You can access the training class in U-learn by clicking on the link. Any class can be scheduled in person by calling 726-7273. 

Course NameClass MethodFrequency
(OH1000) Bloodborne Pathogens - Annual OSHACanvasAnnually for employees working with human blood or cell lines or other potentially infectious material. 
(OH1001) Bloodborne Pathogens -Building AccessCanvasOnce for employees who need to access a building or area containing BBP, but will not engage in the work.
Biological Safety in the LaboratoryCanvasOnce for new employees working with an IBC protocol.
Implementation of NIH GuidelinesCanvasOnce for new employees working with rDNA.
Biological and Infectious WasteCanvasOptional training can be covered in lab specific instead.
Working with Toxins of Biological OriginCanvasOptional training can be covered in lab specific instead.

For additional training options for employees who work with animals/reptiles that may present occupational hazards refer to the UHS Biosafety and Occupational Health Page