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If you have questions about custodial tasks, frequencies or services, please contact your custodial supervisor or Chris Stevens, x7387, or click here for our UMD Tasks Summary.

If you have an accommodation need, please contact Nancy Erickson at 612-624-3505 or

Email if you do not have a mini trash bin, or if you have recommendations on additions or relocation of central trash/recycling containers within office suites or hallways.

Custodial Services continues to assess the waste streams removed from campus, and we hope to achieve an increase beyond the current campus recycling rate of only 50%. We continue to work on making the recycling, compost and trash system easier to understand. At the same time, asking users to empty their own trash increases the consciousness of what we throw away every day, and how much of it can actually be recycled or composted.

Visit for information on maximizing recycling at UMD. Thanks for your support!