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Staff Resources

Returning to Work After COVID-19

Please watch this short video to answer some questions regarding when you can return to work after being sick with COVID-19.

Furlough and Pay Reduction Steps

Purpose: The University has implemented a Furlough or Pay Reduction Program beginning July 1, 2020, which are cost-saving measures for all employees earning $60,000 or more. Whether employees receive a furlough or a pay reduction depends on their employee group:

● Labor-Represented and Civil Service employees, who are paid hourly, will be required to take a number of unpaid furlough hours during the fiscal year.

● Faculty and P&A employees, who are paid a salary, will receive pay reductions. They will also receive a bank of paid time off, corresponding to their pay reduction, which they have the option of taking.

For more details and instructions, please refer to the reference guide.

You can follow this link to find resources which are related to FAMIS.

This page can act as your hub for finding resources such as University Policies, Facilities Management check sheets, and more.

From this page, you can access past Safety Committee meeting minutes. As well as other general safety information and safety policies. 

Here can be found expectations and other information pertaining to Student Employees. 

Kronos Resources

The Kronos Application is used within Facilities Management for timekeeping and payroll.  LAUNCH KRONOS.

Resources for Supervisors.