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Resources for Prospective and New Graduate Students

Graduate Student Orientation - August 27, 2020 | Time & Format TBD

Graduate student orientation is held each year during Welcome Week in the fall semester. There is no orientation in spring semester. The purpose of orientation is to provide an introduction to on-campus and system-wide resources for graduate students, and to provide a chance for students from across disciplines to meet. Individual programs also hold separate orientation activities specific to the program. The online orientation modules below are available year round.

Online Graduate Student Orientation Modules - GEAR1
Designed for graduate students on the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester campuses, GEAR1 (Graduate EducAtion Resources for the 1st Year) contains a wealth of resources and advice to help you succeed. The modules are arranged so that you can return to them throughout your graduate career. Your University account must be activated in order to access the orientation.
Note:  This online orientation resource is not intended to replace the in-person Graduate Student Orientation described above.

Graduate School Fall 2020 Information [added 6/22/20]

Mandatory Speaking Assessment for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Non-native English speakers holding graduate teaching assistantships are required by University policy to demonstrate English speaking proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • Minimum official TOEFL iBT speaking sub-score of 27 or IELTS speaking sub-score of 8
  • Bachelor's degree from US institution within the last two years
  • UMTC SETTA rating of 1 or 2

GTAs not meeting one of these requirements must take a speaking assessment upon arrival to UMD, and may be required to take additional English language training. Contact the Graduate Office for more information and scheduling.


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