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IonE brings Art and Science together

Institute on the Environment - University of Minnesota Duluth, established 2018

Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration that will lead to a future where people and the planet prosper together

"The Institute on the Environment - Duluth created an opportunity to communicate about sustainability issues that are important to me"


A message from Dr. Julie Etterson, Campus Lead

As we approach the end of our first year of having a hub of the Institute on the Environment at UMN-D, we would like to express our thanks to Dr. Jessica Hellmann (Executive Director of IonE) and Duluth administrators who have supported this effort.  In the last year, we have organized or co-organized twenty-six events for IonE Affliates and IonE Partners, some of which were available remotely from the Twin Cities.  We are looking forward to our second year where we will continue to build the Duluth hub, expand the availability of environmental leadership programming, stimulate interdisciplinary interactions, and develop strategies for community engagement.
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