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Youth Safety Information

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Youth Safety Information

Kirby Student Center and the University of Minnesota Duluth are committed to keeping all of our guests safe while visiting our campus. We are particularly cognizant of safety issues for our youngest guests, those under the age of 18. 

Regents Policy on Safety of Minors

This policy governs the entire University of Minnesota system and includes information on:

  • mandatory reporting;
  • program requirements, including registration, background checks, education & training, and health & safety; 
  • information for non-University organizations using University facilities; and
  • compliance with policy and retaliation against report.

UMD Department Guidelines for Safety of Minors

These guidelines, created by the UMN College Readiness Consortium, cover topics including:

  • program checklists;
  • health & safety requirements;
  • online program interaction;
  • registering a youth program; and
  • reporting a concern.

UMD Kirby/Housing & Residence Life Guidelines for Youth Groups

Specific regulations for the use of Housing & Residence Life spaces when hosting minors.

UMD Safety of Minors Training Video