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Self Care & Personal Development
Leadership Styles and Skills

Build Back Better and Bolder: Five New Truths about Leadership | Ann Francke OBE, Chartered Management Institute

Three Reasons Leaders Aren't More Inclusive, and How to Help | Claire Herring, Association for Talent Development

On Leadership: Male Leaders | Suzanna da Baca, Business Record

Humility: Essential for Effective Leadership | Joseph P. Truncale, PhD, Printing Impressions

When Leaders Need to Be Followers | Blair Williams, Forbes

Can you master the inner game of leadership? | Adam Bryant & Kevin Shirer, Strategy+Business

Your leadership style needs a user manual | Wytze de Haan, Growth Quarters

Inspirational or Visionary: Which Leader Are You? | Sherrie Suski, Forbes Human Resources Council

Leaders, this is why overcommunication strengthens your cause | Fast Company

The 5 Qualities All Successful Leaders Have in Common | Northeastern University Graduate School

Five Soft Skills You Need to Be a Better Leader | Bas Kohnke

Lead Like the Great Conductors | Itay Talgam


Coaching Real Leaders | Muriel Wilkins, Harvard Business Review

Armchair Expert | Dax Shepard and Monica Padman
     Tal Ben-Shahar
     Reshma Saujani
     Jonathan Haidt

Inspire to Action | NPR TED Radio Hour

Unlocking Us | Brené Brown
     President Barack Obama on Leadership, Family, and Service
     Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist
     Introducing Dare to Lead

General Leadership Research and News

The Power of Place: Creativity, Freedom and Leadership in a Remote World | Russell Benaroya, Forbes

Five Leadership Books You've Never Heard Of | Jesús De Hoyos Freymann, Entrepreneur

Indigenous leadership is a linchpin to solving environmental crises | Molly Mcusic and Steven Nitah, The Hill

How Leadership Influences Student Learning | Wallace Foundation (University of Minnesota/University of Toronto)

Student Leadership at the University | Ann T. Hilliard, Bowie State University

Exploring Leadership in Facebook Communities | Tali Gazit, Bar-Iland University

Adolescent Athletes' Perceptions of Both Their Coaches' Leadership and Their Personal Motivation | Cristina López de Subijana, Luc J. Martin, Obdulia Tejón, and Jean Côte

Leadership Development--A $366 Billion Business | Carola Hieker & John Pringle, from The Future of Leadership Development

Women in Leadership

Leadership Resources for Related Collegiate Units

IT Leadership: Five Tips on How to Manage Conflict | Karen Walker, The Enterprisers Project


Leadership challenges defused | Samuel Peña-Llopis, Science

Six IT Leadership Lessons for the Future | Ginny Hamilton, The Enterprisers Project

Some hard numbers on science's leadership problems | Van Noorden, Nature 16 May 2018

Team science leadership | Cooke & Hilton, eds., Enhancing the effectiveness of team science (National Academies Press, 2015)

Science leadership: Is it what you know, who you know, or who you are? | Parker & Welch, paper from 2011 Science & Innovation Policy Conference, Atlanta, GA

Why scientists should have leadership skills | Brookes, Wong & Ho, Scientific American 15 August 2017

Assessing leadership skills in translational science | Vaughan, Romanick, Schlesinger, Kost, Brassil, & Coller, poster from 2020 Fall CTSA Meeting

Stepping up to leadership | Palladino, Science 27 March 2020

Leadership in scientific organizations | Mumford, Scott & Gaddis, Scientific Research Effectiveness (Springer, 2003)


Made to Measure: Getting Design Leadership Metrics Right | Melissa Dalrymple, Sam Pickover, and Benedict Sheppard, McKinsey & Co

Learning and Leadership Programs | League of American Orchestras

Journal of Leadership and the Humanities | International Leadership Association

On leadership--and the humanities | Lassila, Yale Alumni Magazine, March/April 2017

The two cultures: the place of humanities research in leadership studies | Ciulla, Leadership February 2019

Leadership education across disciplines | McManus & Perruci, Journal of Leadership Studies 2014 (library login required)

Exploring the multiple contributions of the arts and humanities to leadership | Drake, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership October 2020

Linking leadership and the liberal arts | Allison, AACSB Insights 26 March 2019

Moving arts leadership forward | Ono, Hewlett Foundation 2016

The art of leadership and its fine arts shadow | Barry & Meisiek, Leadership August 2010 (library login required)

What is a citizen artist? | Ma, Kennedy Center Arts Summit 25 April 2016

Gender Differences in Communication Styles and their Influence on Workplace Communication and the Practice of Public Relations in the United States | Amelia Reigstad, University of Leicester (thesis)


Will COVID-19 bring new public health leadership? | Marian W. Wentworth, Stat

Teacher leadership that strengthens professional practice | Danielson (ASCD, 2006) (library login required; limited access through 6/30/21)

Four ways that teaching enhances your leadership skills | Teach For America 12 July 2018

An analysis of leadership within the social work profession | Rank & Hutchison, Journal of Social Work Education April 2000

The beat of a different leader | Law, ASHA Leader November 2015


Ten Authors Offering Entrepreneurs Insight and Advice for Successful Leadership | Peter Daisyme, Entrepreneur

Four Skills Shaping Effective Leadership in the Healthcare Industry | Eric Bouteiller, China Europe International Business School


Will COVID-19 bring new public health leadership? | Marian W. Wentworth, Stat

Working Knowledge Leadership Research | Harvard Business School

Leadership | Gallup Workplace Insights

Leadership | Deloitte Insights

Leadership | Financial Times


Lessons in Leadership: Vincent Pilette of NortonLifeLock | NASDAQ

Renown Health's Kara Martinezmoles on her leadership journey, revenue cycle goals and inspirations | Becker's Hospital CFO Report

The Changing Face of Leadership | Caprino, Forbes 28 Feb 2018

2021 Business Leaders Outlook | Chase JP Morgan


What Black Leaders Bring to the Table | HBR IdeaCast

Leadership & Loyalty | Dov Baron

The LEADx Show | Kevin Kruse

The Entreleadership Podcast | Ken Coleman

Without Fail | Gimlet Media

HBR IdeaCast | Harvard Business Review

No Ego | Cy Wakeman

Promotion of Leaders Based on Skills Not Related To Leadership | Emily Kathryn Stites, Liberty University (dissertation)

Servant Leadership in a Globally Diverse and Inclusive Organizational Culture | Lydia M. Daniels, from Culture in Global Business (requires UMD login)