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There are three gymnasiums (SpHC 150, 150A & 155) that are available for drop in basketball, badminton, and other informal activities. (155 SpHC) The new multi­purpose gym space will accommodate recreational use including informal (open) recreation, intramurals and sport clubs.

Spring 2020 Hours: Gymnasiums are not open when the Recreation Center is closed.

Multipurpose Gym (SpHC 155)
Monday-Friday, 6:00am-6:00pm
Closed Weekends

Auxiliary Gym (SpHC 150A)
Saturday, 9:15am-5:45pm
Sunday, 12:15pm-8:45pm

Romano Gym (SpHC 150)*
Sat: 9:15am–5:45pm
Sun: 12:15pm–8:45pm

*Consult UMD Volleyball and Basketball schedules for Friday and Saturday availability Romano will be opened at the discretion of RSOP staff if Rec Center Courts are full.


Please view the Google calendar on our FACILITIES page for hour changes and break hours.