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Recreation Gym (Upper Level, 155 SpHC)

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, only Gym 155 (the one inside the Recreation Center) is available for drop in basketball, badminton, and other informal activities. Romano Gym and the small gym next to Romano are not open this spring semester.

Gym 155 is currently structured into three distinct areas, including our 'Cardio Machine' side; middle curtained area available for first come first serve stretching, badminton or table tennis and our right side available for open basketball. Two users are allowed per each basketball hoop with a maximum of 6 users (COVID capacity) in this space at one time. Pick up basketball IS ALLOWED; one on one ONLY is allowed. Users must bring their own basketball. Users are able to sign up for hourly time slots with 10 minute gaps between. At 50 minutes past the hour, all users will be asked to 'clear' the Rec Gym court to allow for the next set of users to check in. Users may sign up for 1 50-minute time slot in the Recreational Gym (court) per day. Sign up opens for each time 48-hours ahead of time, through IMLeagues Reservation system.


Creating a Basketball Court Reservation


Reservation Rules and Policies

1. Each area will allow reservation time slots for up to its maximum capacity (Weight Room = 30 users; Basketball Court = 6 users).
2. Users may sign up for a specific time slot 48 hours before that time slot occurs (i.e. 8am reservation on a Wednesday can be signed up for on Monday at 8am)
3. Users will be restricted to one reservation time slot per day per program area.
4. Time slots in each program area will be 50 minutes in length, beginning on the hour (i.e. 8am).
5. At 50 minutes past the hour, all users will be asked to 'clear' the weight room to allow for the next set of users to check in.
6. Users will be reminded at 5 minutes before their reservation is up (i.e. 8:45am) in order to give time to exit the area.
7. Users will have 5 minutes past their reservation start time to check in. If a user does not show up or arrives late to their reservation, their information will be recorded and they may be barred from area usage after a second violation occurs.
8. Users may choose to 'show up' without a reservation. At 5 minutes past the hour, staff may fill any open reservation times or fill an absent reservation time. At this point, all patrons without a reservation will be asked to find another area in the facility to use or come back another time. Staff will direct users to our reservation system and may help users find an open time slot for a different day or time.

Current hours can be viewed with the Google calendar on our FACILITIES page. Click on the "Agenda" tab for optimal viewing.