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Summer Youth Camp


We are excited to have the opportunity to host you and your campers during Summer 2021. We imagine that camp will be a bit different than usual, but not quite as different as last summer. We learned a lot from last summer, and if needed, we are ready to implement any of the protocols that allowed for such a successful camp last summer.  We're sure many of you will have questions about a number of things. Know that this is a work in progress for us, but we are happy to answer any questions you may have and we can't wait to see you and your camper.


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RSOP offers nine weeks of summer camp for children ages 5-15 years old with additional one-week Specialty Camps for kids 8-12 years old, and a Junior Counselor Program for teenagers 15-18 years old. Each week of camp offers a new mix of themed events (Color Week, Zoo Week, Olympic Week, etc.) which include exciting games and activities for kids of all ages! Activities might include indoor rock climbing, bowling, canoeing, swimming, outdoor rock climbing, talent show, nature adventures, arts & crafts, paddle boarding, non-competitive team sports, puzzle games and much more! The registration fee includes all equipment, art supplies, instruction and a camp T-shirt. Transportation to and from camp must be provided for each campers as well as bag lunch/snacks, swimsuit/goggles, towel, hat, tennis shoes, and appropriate indoor/outdoor clothing for daily activities and weather conditions. As part of the Registration Packet you will receive camp information (items to bring, camp rules, directional maps, camp itinerary, etc.) and participant forms to complete for each youth participant (health forms, swim form, etc.).


June 8-12June 15-19June 22-26June 29-July 1July 6-10July 13-17July 20-24July 27-31August 3-7August 10-14










The Post Camp program is for guardians that need to pick up their child later than the scheduled check-out time of 4:45pm. The Post Camp program will be staffed by RSOP youth camp staff and is designed to be a supervised play time for kids to have fun and hangout while waiting for their ride home (until 5:30pm). You may sign your child up for Post Camp when registering for KIDSROCK at a cost of $15.00 per week. Any participant not registered for the Post Camp Weekly Fee that is picked up after 4:45pm will be charged the Post Camp Daily Fee of $5 per occurrence; for more details concerning the Post Camp program, please visit the RSOP website.


kids posing for a photograpgh with a unicornCLASSIC CAMP AGES 5-14  (Only available weeks 5-10 Summer 2020)
Classic Camps are week-long day camps that provide an exciting environment for children to be active, creative, and learn within small age-appropriate groups. Each week of Classic Camp has a theme with related activities, projects, special events and dress-up days.
group of kids playing the knot gameCLASSIC CAMP PLUS  AGES 10-14  (Not available Summer 2020)
Classic Camp Plus will participate in similar activities as our traditional Classic Camp, but these campers will have more opportunities for age-appropriate activities and exploration!
Climbing CampCLIMBING CAMP AGES 8-12 (Not available Summer 2020)
Climbing Camp is a week-long venture camp that provides campers with firsthand experience and practice climbing indoors and outdoors for beginner to intermediate skilled climbers. Basics of knot tying, harness fit, route finding and climbing skill ranging through 5.8 will be mastered throughout this session. KIDSROCK will provide all necessary climbing equipment, however, campers are encouraged to bring their own climbing gear to camp. All personal climbing gear must be inspected and approved by a camp counselor before a camper is allowed to use it at camp. Campers will utilize the indoor climbing walls at UMD and take climbing trips to Ely’s Peak, Silver Cliff and Whoopee Wall.

Advanced Climbing CampADVANCED CLIMBING CAMP     AGES 10-14    (Not available Summer 2020)
Advanced climbing camp is a week-long venture camp that provides campers with prior climbing knowledge and experience the opportunity to further develop skills learned in regular Climbing Camp and also build new skills that will further round out the climbing experience. Mock sport leading, practicing correct falling, rappelling, placing traditional climbing protection in rocks, and anchoring concepts are all topics that may be covered throughout the week. Campers with stronger climbing skill will receive coaching on routes up through 5.10 and beyond indoors while delving further into the transfer of those skills from indoor climbing to outdoor climbing. We will be climbing at similar sites as the regular climbing camp but seeking out more difficult routes to further challenge campers

Biking CampBIKING CAMP    AGES 9-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
Biking Camp is a week-long venture camp that provides campers with firsthand experience, training, knowledge, skills, and practice in road biking and trail riding for all levels and abilities. KIDSROCK can provide some bike equipment, however campers are asked to bring their own bike helmet, bike (capable of changing gears), and personal cycling gear to camp. All personal gear must be inspected and approved by a camp counselor before a camper is allowed to use it at camp. Campers will ride their bikes around UMD Campus, through Hartley Park trails, Lester Park trails, and the many other local bike trails of Duluth. All campers registered for Biking Camp must be able to ride for 10 minutes without stopping and demonstrate the bike safety skills taught within the first two days of camp before they are allowed to continue to participate in longer distance trail rides and road tour rides.

Lake and River campLAKE & RIVER CAMP        AGES 10-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
Lake and River Camp is a week-long venture camp that provides campers with hands-on water-based experiences that expand knowledge of our local resources and recreational opportunities. Open to all levels and abilities, this camp will allow participants to practice paddle sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding while enjoying other lake and river activities. KIDSROCK will provide all necessary paddling equipment, however campers are asked to bring their own personal swimming gear (closed-toed water shoes (NO sandals such as crocs, keens, etc,), swimsuit/rash guard, towel, etc.) to camp. We provide life jackets, but your child can bring their own. All personal floatation devices must be inspected and approved by a camp counselor and must be certified by the US Coast Guard (USCG) before a camper is allowed to use it at River Camp. All campers registered for River Camp must pass the Summer Camp Swim Test(s) before they are allowed to continue to participate in Lake and River Camp activities. This week is structured as a progression, beginning our week with water safety concepts on-campus, transitioning into basic paddling skills and ending with cumulative experiences off-site at Island Lake, UMD’s Surf Shack on Lake Superior and at the St Louis River, at UMD’S Outpost, 1 mile east of Carlton, MN.
kids wearing paper plate masksGET CREATIVE: EXPLORATIONS IN ART & DESIGN   AGES 8-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
“Get Creative” is a week-long camp led by faculty members from UMD’s Department of Art & Design. Not only will campers “get creative” in the UMD studios but they will visit the Tweed Museum of Art to gain inspiration for their own creations. Each day of the week will include a different project that introduces campers to areas of studio art and graphic design. Campers will make and create in the world around them while learning art and design “FUN”damentals. Although the students will spend at least one of the mornings on ipads, they will also be working with other more “traditional” materials in the studio areas.
kids holding up a signSPANISH CAMP    AGES 6-9    (Not available Summer 2020)
This week, campers will gain vocabulary, expand their knowledge of communities and cultures where Spanish is spoken, and become more comfortable in the target language through fun activities led in Spanish indoors and outdoors. Two levels will be offered: beginning (children with little to no experience with Spanish) and intermediate (children who have attended at least one year of immersion school in Spanish language, or comparable experience). Campers will spend the morning in the College of Liberal Arts enjoying activities planned by UMD Spanish Faculty and UMD Spanish Club Students.
kids holding a pop bottle rocketSTEM IN ACTION: PHYSICS & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CAMP    AGES 9-14    (Not available Summer 2020)
Lights, magnets, action!  In this week-long exploration camp, campers will get the opportunity to play with LED’s, magnets, hot glue and other materials using science and engineering to get things rocking, lighting up, and moving! This camp will involve lots of experiments, where campers will take home examples of their work to show off to their friends and family. Come join faculty and staff from UMD’s Physics and Electrical Engineering Departments for some fun physics and electrical engineering projects!
a group of kids posing around a giant telescopeCOSMIC KIDS CAMP    AGES 6-8   (Not available Summer 2020)
Cosmic Kids Camp is a week-long exploration camp that provides younger participants with an experience that is out of this world. Campers will adventure through the cosmos in the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium guided by astronomy experts and enthusiasts. This camp is tailored to younger participants through activities and crafts. Serving as an introduction to the night sky, students will explore the stars, constellations, planets, and beyond! Campers will spend the morning in the Planetarium enjoying activities planned by UMD Planetarium Staff.
kids in a planetrium with an alien blow-up dollCOSMIC ADVENTURES CAMP    AGES 9-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
Cosmic Adventures Camp is a week-long exploration camp that provides campers with an experience that is meant for the stars! Campers will explore the cosmos in the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium guided by astronomy experts and enthusiasts. Throughout this week, campers will learn about our universe through fun creations and cosmic investigations! Campers will spend the morning in the Planetarium enjoying activities planned by UMD Planetarium Staff.
kid holding a crayfish up to to the cameraWATER WONDERS: SCIENCE & ENGINEERING CAMP    AGES 11-14    (Not available Summer 2020)
Explore, learn, get wet! Water Wonders: Science & Engineering Camp is a week-long exploration camp with a focus on water quality (studying microscopic organisms), hydrology (learning how water changes the landscape), forestry (managing forests to maintain water quality) and stream science (observing and measuring a local creek). Learn how UMD scientists and engineers work with water by trying out different careers! Students will work with faculty and staff from UMD’s Swenson College of Science and Engineering Departments for the week.
kids playing soccerSports Camp    AGES 8-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
This week-long camp provides campers with the opportunity to gain a new appreciation for a variety of sports in a non-competitive environment. Each day will be focused on an individual sport, where campers learn and practice the basic skills through drills, games and light competition. Examples of sports may include soccer, badminton, disc golf, spike ball, ultimate (frisbee) or other court and net sports. Recreational Sports Intramural Staff will lead participants in morning activities.
kid at a lab table mixing chemicalsPHARM CAMP    AGES 8-12    (Not available Summer 2020)
This week-long camp provides campers with fun and interactive hands-on learning about medicine and pharmacy! Campers will identify medicinal plants on a nature hike, learn how to compound their own ointment, solve pharmacy cases, and more! Campers will spend the morning in the Pharmacy School enjoying activities planned by UMD Pharmacy faculty and student staff.

two kids posing for a photographJUNIOR COUNSELOR PROGRAM    AGES 15-17    (Not available Summer 2020)
The Junior Counselor (JC) Program offers 15-17 year olds an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of camp operations in a fun learning environment. There is a $60.00 workshop fee that will cover general supplies, staff training, CPR/First Aid training and certification, and weekly staff costs involved with this program. The JC Program is designed for high school students who would like to further enhance their leadership skills and learn what it is like to be a UMD KIDSROCK counselor, while earning volunteer hours. All Junior Counselors will be placed into a camp group, alongside our full-time camp counselor staff, and assist with daily responsibilities, tasks and duties of summer camp. These duties including: dynamically interacting with the campers, facilitating energetic games and projects, monitoring the safety of camp and participating in the various camp events. In exchange, Junior Counselors will gain positive workplace experience, American Red Cross Certifications, and leadership skills in a fun creative environment.  Due to the popularity of the UMD KIDSROCK JC Program, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a spot to everyone who wishes to participate. The $60.00 workshop fee applies to all participants of the Junior Counselors workshop, and is due on or before the UMD KIDSROCK Jr Counselor Workshop in June. For more information and those interested in applying to be a KIDSROCK JC Program this summer, please email with your questions. JUNIOR COUNSELOR PAGE.


UMD Student & Faculty or Staff Discount – 5% off
This discount is valid for all current UMD Students and Faculty or Staff members throughout the summer, for all RSOP Youth Programs.

Registration "Day" Discount - 10% off
Receive a 10% discount when you register online between March 25, 10am and March 27, 6pm.

NEW FOR 2020! A "Liability & Camper Safety Information Google Form" will be sent to parents upon registering for camp. We will no longer be using paper forms for camper information.