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COVID-19 Related Updates

Updated: November 18, 2020

The Recreation Center will close for the semester beginning at 10pm Friday, November 20

As many of you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges within the state of Minnesota and across our nation. Last evening, the Governor of Minnesota ordered a shutdown of most of the services provided by RSOP. This shutdown will begin at 10pm Friday, November 20 and go until we tentatively reopen again on Monday, January 4 (Go to our Facilities Page for January hours).

This shutdown will affect all programming and services that RSOP provides, both indoors and outdoors, including:
All fitness/recreational spaces including our swimming pool
All Intramural Sport programming
All Club Sport practices and in-person activities
All Outdoor Programming

While these activities are not operating, we strongly encourage you to stay healthy and active by getting outdoors or working out on your own. Getting Outdoors
Our Rental Center will remain open (Go to our Facilities Page for hours), where you can check out equipment and have fun outdoors.
Group Fitness classes will still be offered through a web-based format (Zoom).
Once we get some good snow, our ski trails in Bagley Nature Area will be groomed for classic skiing. Get out and enjoy nature!


Lockers will be accessible from 9am-4pm until Wednesday, November 25 at 4pm (closed Saturday and Sunday) to get your gear (no showering will be allowed).

Main Office

Our Main Office will be available for locker renewals or any other business-related questions 9am-4pm until Wednesday, November 25 at 4pm (closed Saturday and Sunday).