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Your UMD Info


Welcome to the University of Minnesota Duluth! To better get situated, below is a list of things that should be done upon your arrival (preferably before orientation).

Your Student Account

As a UMD student, your OneStop account provides access to many essential resources including university email, online class registration, and billing information. You need to initiate your account to access these resources.

How to Set Up Your Student Account

Initiate your OneStop account and opt into UMD Gmail with UMD’s Tech Center Help Desk, located at 165 Kirby Plaza. They are friendly and streamline the process.

University Email

Your university email account is the official means of communication between UMD and you. Check your university Gmail account regularly for important information and messages. We recommend that you do not forward your email from this account as you may lose messages or attachments.

Using Your UMD Email Account

It is paramount to always put a subject title in any email you send. Be sure to also sign your name at the end of every message. You can even create a signature block with your name and contact information. Once created, your details will automatically be included in every sent message. Relevant information includes your name, address, phone number or even a slogan or favorite expression.

UMD Information Technology & Systems Services provides additional details about your UMD Internet/Email Account.

Updating Your Contact Information

student and staff directory is published annually by UMD. Your name, local address and telephone number will be included. Make any changes to your personal information on the web:

  1. Go to MyU
  2. Click on email
  3. Opt into Google
  4. In MyU, Update “My Info”:
    • Preferred Name
    • Address - add your Duluth address in the following two sections:
      • Home & Mail (must be entered in this exact order; use only first 5 digits of zip code):
          • Street Address
          • Apartment Info
          • Duluth, MN ZIP code
      • Phone - add the following phone numbers:
        • Current mailing - use your local cell phone number
        • Cellular phone - use your local cell phone number
      • Directory Suppression - edit this section if you wish to suppress your personal details
      • Email - add your personal email address
      • Emergency Contact
        • You must add at least one emergency contact
        • List the contact's name and relationship to you (e.g. parent, guardian, partner)
        • Add that person's address and phone number(s)
      • Click on "SAFE-U Notifications" at the bottom of the "My Info" page to review the Safe-U program and sign-up for emergency notifications from UMD

    Student ID (U Card)

    Your U Card serves as your student ID and gives you access to free Duluth Transit Authority bus rides, checking out books at the library, and Campus Cash. For more information, see the U Card office.

    Textbook Purchases

    You can bring a copy of your class schedule to the lower level bookstore to purchase books for your courses as soon as possible. Bookstore staff members can assist you in locating the books required for your classes.

    Billing & Paying Your Bill

    Your UMD bill includes, at a minimum, your on-campus housing fee (if you live on campus). It's issued in accordance with UMD billing and payment due dates. At this time UMD cannot accept payment from a foreign credit card.

    You can, however, pay your bill by:

    • Check (from a U.S. bank account)
    • Electronic transfer from your U.S. savings or checking account
    • U.S. credit card
    • Cash (U.S. dollars only)

    More info about billing and payments can be found on the UMD Billing & Payment website. 

    U.S. Bank Account

    You have the opportunity to open a U.S. bank account (optional) after you arrive in Duluth. This free bank account is offered through the university-affiliated TCF Bank. Your TCF Bank account is linked with your U Card (student ID), plus a branch office is located on campus right across the hallway from the Study Abroad office. To set up an account you need to provide your Duluth address, your passport, and your UMD student ID number in person.


    One official UMD transcript will be issued to your home university after completion of your study abroad experience. If you require additional copies, they can be viewed, printed (un-official), or sent by mail here