UMD to Offer Winter-Break Programs Abroad

students walking through many trees and plants in costa rica
September 24, 2018

Global Surf culture in Costa Rica and Roots and Rebellion in Jamaica are the courses being offered over winter break.

The application deadline for both programs is October 15th, 2018.

Between Fall and Spring semester this year, UMD students will be able to study abroad. The two courses offered will teach students about the histories of two specific cultures as well as give them the opportunity to travel to a warmer climate outside of Duluth's harsh winters. The application deadline for both programs is October 15th, 2018.

Jamaica: Roots and Rebellion

Professors Hilary Kowino and David Woodward will be leading this course about the history and culture of Jamaica. The program will be December 29, 2018-January 13, 2019.

In this course, you’ll explore the rich cultural history of Jamaica, its resistance to colonialism and slavery, the roots of Reggae music, and the consequences of globalization. Don’t miss this unique African American and African Studies program to this tropical destination over winter break! 

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Global Surf Culture in Costa Rica

This 4 credit history course will take place January 3–14, 2019.  The program will be lead by Scott Laderman, a professor in the History Department.

Surfing, one of the world’s most popular cultural phenomena, reaches far beyond the wave-riding community. It has influenced fashion, music, film, photography, tourism, and corporate marketing. Learn about the history of surfing and surf culture, analyze the role of the U.S. in Central America, and learn how to surf!

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students pose with surf boards in costa rica

Students will learn how to surf during this course!

If you are interested in these or any study abroad programs, please stop into the Study Abroad office located in 138 Kirby. Drop-in advising hours are Monday through Friday 10-11am. Be sure to attend Study abroad 101, a presentation by a returned student covering everything you need to know from applications to financial aid. Study Abroad 101 takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 pm.