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Local and Sustainable

Eating locally supports the community and provides fresh, nutritious food for you. We can all play a role in helping to improve the long-term sustainability of our food system by learning more about how our food choices affect the environment.

UMD Land Lab

The UMD Land Lab is a food justice and environmental research and outreach center located just five miles from the UMD campus. It consists of 10 acres of actively-managed transitional organic farmland and a five-acre apple orchard. The Land Lab provides student grown produce to UMD Dining Services which can be found throughout campus during the fall harvest.

UMD Dining Services

UMD Dining Services is proud to partner with the UMD Land Lab and other local farms and businesses to provide fresh, local food options to the campus community. They are also striving for "zero waste to landfill" in their operations. For more details on their sustainability practices and policies, click here