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Land and Water

UMD students walk through the largest Rain Garden on campus near Lot B

Protecting Our Creeks and Lake Superior

UMD uses many different land management practices to protect Lake Superior and provide learning opportunities for UMD students!

Presentations and tours of sustainable campus landscape practices are available; click to learn more and schedule!


Proper land management helps to sustain our water resources. Stormwater that runs off campus land enters local creeks and eventually Lake Superior, making stormwater protection a priority. Slowing down water before it leaves campus is a big part of protecting water quality in local streams; on campus water is slowed through the use of grassy swales, pervious pavers, and planting alternatives to sod.

Rain Gardens

Learn how green space and innovative land use have made our campus both beautiful and sustainable.

Alternative Landscapes

Sod is a maintenance and resource-intensive ground covering.  Check out the alternatives that UMD Grounds plants throughout campus!

Green Spaces

Try something different: walk outside to your next class or meeting today!

UMD Land Lab

The UMD Land Lab, a.k.a. The Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP) Farm formed in 2009 to institute education, research, and community engagement around local food systems and food security in the western Lake Superior region.