The following well-regarded books are available at the UMD library:

The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift by Andres R. Edwards and David W. Orr, Jun 1, 2005
HC79.E5 E327 2005

Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution by Auden Schendler, Jun 1, 2010
HC79.E5 S2826 2009

The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations Are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World by Peter M. Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz and Joe Laur, Apr 6, 2010
HC79.E5 N436 2008

Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy-and Our Planet-from Dirty Energy by Danny Kennedy and Wesley Clark, Sep 3, 2012
HD9502.A2K46 2012
Also available online via UMD Library (Safari Books online)

The Great Green Revolution by Ralph Avallone, Feb 5, 2014
Kindle version only (UMD library does not have access)

Sustainability Principles and Practice by Margaret Robertson, February 13, 2014
HC79.E5 R6243 2014

The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century by Grace Lee Boggs, Scott Kurashige and Danny Glover, May 31, 2012
HN65.B634 2011

The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution by Deborah Eden Tull, Sep 21, 2010
TX357 .T853 2010

The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality Paperback by Richard Heinberg
HC59.3 .H45 2011

Thriving Beyond Sustainability: Pathways to a Resilient Society by Andres R. Edwards and Bill McKibben, May 1, 2010
HC79.E5 E39 2010

State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible? by The Worldwatch Institute and Erik Assadourian, Apr 15, 2013
Also available online via UMD Library

Sustainability: Essentials for Business by Scott T. Young and Kanwalroop Kathy Dhanda, Dec 5, 2012
HD30.255 .Y67 2013

Sustainability is for Everyone by Alan AtKisson, Nov 8, 2013
GE170 .A8564 2013

Embedded Sustainability: The Next Big Competitive Advantage by Chris Laszlo, Nadya Zhexembayeva, April 13, 2011
HD30.255 .L396 2011

Sustainability (Polity Key Concepts in the Social Sciences series) by Leslie Paul Thiele, April 17, 2013
HC79.E5 T45 2013
Also available online via UMD Library

147 Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society by William M. Timpson, Brian Dunbar, Gailmarie Kimmel, Brett Bruyere, & 2 more, March 31, 2006
GE70.A13 2006

Sustainability: A Cultural History by Ulrich Grober and translated by Ray Cunningham, September 1, 2012
Also available online via UMD Library

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough, Michael Braungart, April 22, 2002
TD794.5 .M395 2002

Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by Bill McKibben, March 15, 2011
QC981.8.C5 M3895 2010

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey Sachs, February 24, 2009
HD87 .S23 2008

The Soul of Capitalism: Opening Paths to a Moral Economy by William Greider, September 1, 2003
HB501 .G6472 2003

The nature of college : how a new understanding of campus life can change the world by James J. Farrell, November 1, 2010
LB3605 .F34 2010