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Community Resources

Sustainable Twin Ports
Sustainable Twin Ports began as a collaborative project designed to build capacity and momentum around sustainability using The Natural Step framework as a guide.  It was developed by a grass-roots network of community groups in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI in an effort to better understand the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and to move the region toward sustainable solutions.

Healthy Duluth Area Coalition
The Healthy Duluth Area Coalition is committed to changing the policies, systems and environments of our city to encourage active living and affect how residents access healthy foods.  We bring together the people who can facilitate the greatest change, who advocate for wellness, and who strive for healthy equity.  We are here to help everyone be well by supporting active living and healthy eating, and by working to the healthy choice the default choice.

Ecolibrium3 is a non-profit dedicated to balancing environmental and economic needs.

Hartley Nature Center
Hartley Nature Center is dedicated to inspiring life long connections to nature through education, play and exploration.

Sustainability at Lake Superior College
We, the Lake Superior College community, believe our campus has an opportunity and responsibility to provide leadership to our college and local communities by conducting education and business as responsible stewards of the physical environment.

Annual Energy Design Conference
It is the mission of the Energy Design Conference & Expo to provide a valuable, educational and innovative conference focused on the core principles of energy-efficient building and responsible design.

Energy Conservation Programs at Minnesota Power
Minnesota Power believes in creating opportunities for their customers to gain insights into how they use energy and opportunities to learn how to reach their unique energy saving goals.

City of Duluth Sustainability
The Sustainability Team at the City of Duluth have a unique and vital role to play in guiding the community’s efforts to move towards achieving true sustainability.

Duluth Public Schools Sustainability
The eco-mission of Duluth Public Schools is to cultivate in our students and employees the respect, wisdom, values and aptitude needed for ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.

Institute for a Sustainable Future
ISF is a not-for-profit organization working to support and improve ecological health, through advocacy, research, consultation and education. ISF works to build, support and replicate models of success. Consistent with its ecological approach, ISF engages in campaigns which foster relationships and collaboration. ISF recognizes science and the arts as equally important in building a healthy, sustainable world.

Hawk Ridge Observatory
The mission of the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory is to protect birds of prey and other migratory birds in the Western Lake Superior Region through research, education, and stewardship.

Metropolitan Interstate Council
The MIC, as a designated Metropolitan Planning Organization, provides guidance and leadership on transportation and land use planning issues in the Duluth-Superior metropolitan planning area. A key goal is to focus the area’s limited transportation funding on projects that yield the greatest benefit and integrate with the existing transportation system. To this end, the MIC conducts studies, develops plans, models the transportation system, and programs projects for federal funding in the metropolitan area.