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Classroom Presentations

UMD Sustainability 101:

Through stories, this presentation will give you an overview of the sustainability concept, and some examples of current efforts on campus.  This presentation can be broad, or focus in on one the following key topics:  energy, water,  stormwater, health and wellness, business operations, or green buildings. (Approx 1 hour)

Green Your Office:

Want to bring a little more your green to work space?  This presentation is a guided discussion with your office or organization, giving a brief overview of sustainability and some concrete ways on how to go green in your everyday work. (Approx 1 hour) 

Green Buildings at UMD:

Find out why buildings are so important for our sustainability efforts at UMD, and learn about LEED-certified and other green buildings on campus.  This presentation covers new construction, retrofit projects, and sustainable operations. (Approx 1 hour, can be combined with a building tour) 

Leadership Through Sustainable Practice:

Looking to create a more sustainable world?  This training (around 45 minutes) will introduce the concept and importance of sustainability.  Mindy will walk you through sustainable choices you can make every day on campus, and give you tips on integrating sustainability into your life, work, or organization. (Approx 1 hour) 

Waste Presentation:

Want to learn about how to manage your waste at UMD ? This training (Around 45 mins) will help you learn about the the 3Rs and what can and cannot be recycled or composted here at UMD. 

Campus Sustainability Projects:

Looking for a way to work on sustainability?  We have ideas!  This presentation is an overview of past student projects, and some needed ideas for future student research, class projects, or internships. (Approx 1 hour)