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Sustainability Project Ideas List

Need an idea for your next class project, student org event, or want an opportunity to lead an initiative on campus? You've come to the right place. The Office of Sustainability has LOTS of projects in mind that would move progress forward at UMD and we need your help!

Project Ideas List

The project ideas list is updated as needs change and projects are completed. Do you have an idea for a project that is not on this list? Awesome! Get in touch and we'd be happy to help you work through logistics and identify opportunities and barriers for a successful project.

Also, scroll down this page to see completed projects from other students that you may want to update, improve or build upon to help make UMD more sustainable. Together, we can! 

Completed Projects List (by category)


Waste & Recycling

Buildings & Grounds



Have you done a project about healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, food deserts, food access/insecurity, etc? We'd love to feature it! Just email us at


UMD Office of Sustainability is always looking for great projects that showcase or could help make our campus more sustainable. If you have any great research ideas send it to us at


Campus Sustainability Surveys & Assessments

How has UMD integrated sustainability across campus? What areas are we doing well in? What do we need to work on?

Campus Sustainability Outreach