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Minnesota Student Sustainability Network with people icons set around a world or table

MN Student Sustainability Network

May 4, 2021

Last summer, in the midst of a global pandemic, two sustainability leaders went looking for connection to their peers across the state, and... more
Bees on a flower

Pollinator Power

May 4, 2021

Save the bees (and other pollinators) in your own backyard.
White background with various clothes, buttons, and sewing materials

The Ultimate Mend & Repair Guide

April 27, 2021

Being able to rescue your clothing for more uses allows you to save money, reduce waste, and be more intentional with future purchases!
Selfie of Emily Ford and sled dog Diggins.

Backpacking with Emily Ford

April 23, 2021

This winter, Emily Ford hiked approximately 1,200 miles through Wisconsin’s Ice Age National Scenic Hiking Trail (IAT).
Earth day is not jut about the environment. A look into the inequalities affecting our populations.

Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021

While we are coming up on our 51st Earth Day, it is important to recognize not only environmental impacts but the inequalities that... more
Two people talk to each other with face masks on

How to Have a Conversation about Climate Change

April 14, 2021

Less than 40% of Americans admit to talking about climate change with other people.
stands of fresh fruit and vegetables with people in the aisles

Food Apartheid

April 6, 2021

Food connects us to each other, yet it is also used to target and disempower specific groups of people.
Plants grow from stacked coins and a small paper house is by the coins

The True Cost of Economic Injustice

March 31, 2021

In order to make our society equitable, we must deconstruct how we view and approach the economy.
Three images split vertically. In one photo is Betty Reid Soskin. George Washington Carver is on the far image and Afro Outdoors group is in center image.

Black Environmentalists to Know

February 23, 2021

Learn about some of the many Black environmentalists who contribute to sustainability.
Black and white background of mountain scene. Block white letters in center read "White Privilege"

Whiteness in Sustainability

February 2, 2021

White people and privilege are the faces of a movement that is rooted in Indigenous values and championed by people of color. This must... more