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MyGuide is a student-created visit program that puts the campus visit experience in your hands! This program provides you - the student - the opportunity to choose your tour guide and explore UMD in a more personalized way.

MyGuide campus tours are available on Tuesdays. Learn more about each tour guide below and to view their availability.


Photo of Alyssa in Bulldogs hockey jersey

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Shoreview, MN
Year at UMD: Senior

    Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Video Games, Hiking

    Clubs: Women's Club Ultimate Frisbee (LakEffect), Queer and Allied Student Union, University Gaming Society

    Why UMD? It's my Goldilocks school: not too big, not too small; big city and small town feel all at once; on top of that there's nice people and a beautiful environment. Everything feels 'just right.' It makes me never want to leave!

    Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Passionate. Friendly. Energetic. Athletic. Ambitious.

    See Alyssa's tour availability.

    ConnorPhoto of Connor

    Major: Communication
    Hometown: Wabasha, MN
    Year at UMD: Junior

      Hobbies: Running, weightlifting, video games, reading, hiking 

      Clubs: Quidditch Club, Film Club, Bulldog Welcome Week Rockstar

      Why UMD? For me, it's the perfect school. It's a good distance from home and it's the perfect medium size campus.  Once I visited UMD, I knew that I would be comfortable here and could succeed as as student in the UMD environment. 

      Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Hydrated. Motivated. Athletic. Health-Oriented. Nerdy.

      See Connor's tour availability.

      GenesisPhoto of Genesis

      Major: Social Work
      Hometown: Bloomington, MN
      Year at UMD: Sophomore

        Hobbies: Swimming, reading, and volunteering

        Clubs: Social work student association and club sports figure skating

        Why UMD? I choose UMD because it has a great social work program, I love winter and the snow, and during a summer camp at UMD, I fell in love with the campus, Lake superior, and with the city of Duluth. 

        Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Supportive. Diligent. Flexible. Patient. Enthusiastic.

        See Genesis' tour availability.

        NaseemPhoto of Naseem

        Major: Psychology (B.A.Sc)
        Hometown: NE Minneapolis, MN
        Year at UMD: Junior

          Hobbies: Crocheting, board games, reading, writing, being near nature, hanging out with friends, video games, watching movies and TV shows, and listening to music.

          Clubs: KnitWits, Film Club, You Matter, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Lettuce Club.

          Why UMD? Such a supportive community from the resources we have, staff, and friends I have met here who I consider my family. UMD has so many opportunities that can help you develop socially, academically, and professionally. I love this place with all my heart and I consider this home.

          Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Funny. Detailed. Ambitious. Adaptable. Mom-friend.

          See Naseem's tour availability.

          ShawnaPhoto of Shawna

          Major: Public Health
          Hometown: Plymouth, MN
          Year at UMD: Junior

            Hobbies: Researching medical procedures, ultimate frisbee, video games, and volunteering

            Clubs: NAVs bible study, intramural sports, peer health educators, student health educators, greek life, Kirby leadership institute, STEM discovery days, and Public Health Advisory Board

            Why UMD? Back in fourth grade, I went on a field trip to beautiful Duluth and stayed on campus. I fell in love with the community and nature. Of course, when I was in high school, my priorities changed so I came back for an official tour. My love deepened as I started to picture myself at the campus and around the town. I came into college completely undecided, so I truly picked UMD based on the campus and not on my major. Even after I chose a nursing path, which we, unfortunately, do not offer, I still felt tied to this environment. Through this, I created my own path in public health while doing prerequisites for a master of nursing program. I now continue to find new resources and reasons to enjoy my college experience here every day. 

            Describe Yourself In 5 Words: Optimistic. Empathetic. Christian. Truthful. Leader.

            See Shawna's tour availability.